Local Food Week Event - Alberta Tilapia Aquaponics - Multiple Food Tours

Event Information

"Aquaponic farms combine aquaculture and hydroponics.

We grow cherry tomatoes for local grocery stores and markets in our area. Our farm is eco-friendly, never using any plastic in any of our product packaging; plus we recycle 99.75% of our water. This unique system allows us to grow the highest yields of produce per plant.

We offer tour tasting and activities during Alberta Open Farm Days. We have spent years perfecting this self-sustaining farming practice to work for us.

Come see what tomatoes look like that is 15 feet high and covered from top to bottom with tomatoes. See how the fish live in big pools all inside a building giving us complete control over our systems."

Date:Aug 17, 2019
Start Time:9:00 AM End Time:5:00 PM
Town:High River, AB
Place:808 High Country Bay
GPS:Latitude 50.5791 , Longitude -113.8677  
Audience:Consumers; Rural Communities

Contact Information
Contact Name:Alberta Tilipia Aquaponics
Posted by Lorraine McAllister on 08/01/2019