Pasteurizer Operator Licensing Course

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The Pasteurizer Operator Licensing Course is conducted by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry in cooperation with the Western Dairy Council.
The course begins with an overview of milk composition and microbiology to set the stage for the conditions needed for pasteurization, cleaning and sanitizing. This course will provide participants with knowledge on the operational and regulatory procedures used for pasteurization with an emphasis on milk. The course focuses on the components of the HTST (High Temperature Short Time) system, and also addresses Vat pasteurization and UHT (Ultra High Temperature) processing.

Dates:Oct 22 - 25, 2019
Registration Fee:$761.25 HTST/VAT or $380.63 VATRegistration Instructions:Call 1-800-387-6030
Town:Leduc, AB
Place:Food Processing Development Centre
Street Address:6309 45 StreetGPS:Latitude 53.2776 , Longitude -113.5409  
Comments:Fee includes lunch and refreshments. See poster for more information.
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Contact Name:Christa Goll
Posted by Brenda McLellan on 10/02/2019