Definitions for Frozen and Snow-covered Land

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 Purpose -- Define frozen and snow-covered land

Relevant Legislation -- Agricultural Operation Practices Act and Standards and Administration Regulation


This guideline provides definitions for frozen and snow-covered land as referred to in the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA). It also provides methods to determine if land is frozen or snow-covered.

These methods will help operators who are considering applying manure to identify whether the land is frozen or snow-covered.

Operators need to be aware of the regulations within AOPA regarding the spreading of manure on frozen or snow-covered land. If uncertain about whether land is frozen or snow-covered, operators should contact the NRCB for assistance.


  • Frozen land - the soil is impenetrable as a result of freezing temperatures, or more than one third of the top 15 cm (six inches) contains frozen soil water
  • Snow-covered land - more than 50 per cent of the field is covered by an average snow depth of more than 5 cm (two inches) from the ground surface
Methods to Determine Conditions

  • Frozen land: Use a shovel to determine penetrability. If the soil can be dug using a shovel, visually inspect the soil for frozen soil water. Repeat this test at several locations on the field that is being considered, in order to make a representative determination.
  • Snow-covered land: Visually examine the field for snow coverage and measure the depth of the snow. Conduct visual estimates and measurements at a number of locations across the entire field to make a representative determination.
For more information

Contact your nearest NRCB field office or an AF Agri-Environmental Extension Specialist (dial 310-0000 to be connected toll free)

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Ag Info Centre 310 FARM (3276)
Publications (780) 427-0391

Natural Resources Conservation Board
Fairview - closed, please contact Morinville.
Morinville (780) 939-1212
Red Deer (403) 340-5241
Lethbridge (403) 381-5166

This guideline was developed by the Technical Advisory Group, a partnership between Agriculture and Forestry, the Natural Resources Conservation Board and the agricultural industry.

Source: Agdex 096-70. February 2016.
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