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  Field Notes is the quarterly e-newsletter of Explore Local. It targets producers who are currently selling or who are interested in selling through local market channels - farmers' markets, u-picks, on-farm retail, community shared agriculture, ag tourism operations with a food component, or selling directly to restaurants. The newsletter contains project spotlights, tips on how to improve your local market business, upcoming events and contacts.

The complete newsletter is available as a pdf document. Past issues of Field Notes will be maintained online. Please feel free to share all or portions of the newsletter with other interested parties. If you want to use content from this newsletter in other media, please request permission before doing so.

To subscribe to the newsletter and receive notification of the new issues, please send an email to Donna Skoworodko.

To unsubscribe to the newsletter, please send an email to Donna Skoworodko.

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Last Reviewed/Revised on February 13, 2019.