New food rules coming

  Special Edition: New food rules coming
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 New food rules coming
Does your business sell food outside Alberta, import food into Canada or export food to another country?

If you do, or may in the future, read on.

Strong, flexible regulations that focus on prevention will go a long way in helping businesses uphold their reputation, keep customers healthy and loyal, and avoid costly recalls.

The CFIA recently launched a 90-day consultation on the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) to better protect the health of Canadians.

What would change?

If you import food or prepare food to be exported or sold across provinces, including at B.C. and Saskatchewan farmers’ markets, you would be required to have preventive controls in place and you may need to write them down in a plan. Preventive controls would allow you to identify and manage food safety risks before products are sold to consumers. Strong preventive systems, such as traceability and food safety controls, could boost your competitiveness here in Canada and abroad.

You may also need to obtain a licence and meet certain traceability requirements. Learn more about the key elements of the proposed Regulations in this video.


Regulations can sometimes be difficult to understand and apply. The CFIA website is home to resources to help you determine how the proposed requirements would apply to your business.

Find out if you would need a licence, a written Preventive Control Plan or what your traceability requirements would be under the proposed new rules by answering a few questions using these interactive tools.


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Have your say

Once you’ve learned about the proposed Regulations, let us know what you think. Go to and submit your feedback before the consultation closes on April 21, 2017.

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This information published to the web on March 30, 2017.